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Writing to some pplz who will never actually read this and pretty much getting things of my chest

Fandom rant, don’t let me ruin your night / day!

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Resting Place


Emotional music + procrastination = ^

Also you know that feel when you start a picture and about 1/3 way into it you realise “fuq what have I gotten myself into”?

This is one of those and I’m really glad that I didn’t give up~

Do you take nonfandom requests? uvu

Asked by Anonymous

I never thought about it, but now I do it seems like a great art practice.

armour swapping for fun

I really wanted to do something nsfw like I even named this file nsfw but I just couldn’t make it good. SO here is a pic <:

Do you take requests?

Asked by Anonymous

Sure do, I’m always open to reqs but there’s no guarantee that I’ll do them c:
It all depends on my mood and how lazy I am really!

I watched Fate/Zero and… you know the rest. 

*buries self in blankets and does not want to remember*


it’s only another 4-8 months before engie shows up

AU where bertl is the heir of a noble house and reiner is the son of their guard captain.

There is so much stuff floating around in my head but I don’t have the time/skills/patience to express them ugrghhkfhksd

Alright I gave in to peer pressure and finally watched Attack on Titan and got myself up to date with the manga. 

So yeah pretty much just FEELS and A FUCKING OTP ON THE RISE.

"Naked", casual wear amongst their own kind, impractical ceremonial attire when meeting humans, travel gear and decorative casual.


So I’m gonna try to draw more often from now on!

Hey look it’s bed time better watch some anime before I go to sleep!

*clicks on Ai no Kusabi*


this is obviously what camps are for

So everytime my brain goes hey hey hey HEY POKE POKE THASSTIRA TIME I always draw depressing crap with blood and death and angst and all.

But then I thought their canon is already so tragic so why don’t you be good to yourself :D?

attempted to solo ulduar, will be crying to sleep tonight